Q1: What is CPA Marketing?
CPA, or Cost Per Action, is a performance-based marketing strategy that allows advertisers to pay only for specific actions, such as user sign ups, downloads, survey completions, or purchases (service or product). Publishers promote advertiser campaigns in accordance with guidelines and conditions set by the advertiser and general network standards. Publishers earn a commission for each valid completion they generate from their traffic sources.
Q2: Who are Publishers?
Publishers are online content providers that use websites, newsletters, online ads, apps, or other media sources to generate traffic. Publishers can monetize their web traffic with AdWork Media's Publisher tools and the internet's top performance affiliate marketing campaigns. Interested in being a publisher? Please sign up for acceptance to the Luxury Affiliate Network.
Q3: What role does the Advertiser play?
Advertisers use CPA networks to manage performance-based goals such as purchases, sign ups, downloads, and survey completions. Active campaigns on our network are supported by our advertisers. Advertisers gain an advantage by working with our network so they can automatically tap into our base of 50,000 plus publishers to promote their campaigns with quality traffic.
Q4: What is Luxury Affiliate Network's role as a Performance Marketing Network?
Luxury Affiliate Network serves as the middle-man between Publishers and Advertisers while managing quality on both ends. Publishers save time by dealing with one network instead of hundreds of individual advertisers. Likewise, Advertisers can instantly expand their market reach by making campaigns available to our global Publisher network. Luxury Affiliate Network also provides a variety of publisher tools and features to maximize profits for individual site owners and publishers.
Q5: How is Luxury Affiliate Network different than other CPA Networks?
Luxury Affiliate Network's mission is to provide a reliable marketing & tracking platform, dedicated support team, and quality assurance for our Publishers and Advertisers. Our custom tracking platform is unlike any other network and facilitates the ability of our Publishers and Advertisers to maximize their profit by using the latest tools in Performance Marketing. And WE PAY DAILY.
Q1: Are there any fees with a Publisher account?
Absolutely not! Publisher accounts are free, but approval is required. Once you are approved you will have full access to our Publisher Network.
Q2: How can I monetize my website, blog, newsletter, or other online media?
Luxury Affiliate Network publishers can use our automated money-making tools such as our Content Locker, Product Locker, Offer Wall, Global Traffic Monetizer, Banner Rotator, and other exclusive publisher tools. Your account earns commission each time a user completes the campaign's required action (download, sign up, survey, purchase, etc).
Q3: Does Luxury Affiliate Network support mobile traffic?
Yes, Luxury Affiliate Network fully supports mobile traffic and desktop traffic on our campaigns and tools. Our money-making tools automatically target OS specific offers to your users such as campaigns targeted for Android, iOS, and other mobile & tablet devices. Learn more about our Affiliate Network.
Q4: Does Luxury Affiliate Network support international traffic?
Yes, Luxury Affiliate Network publishers have access to a vast selection of global campaigns that can monetize traffic from nearly any country.
Q5: What resources do I have as a Publisher?
Publishers have access to advanced tools such as real-time tracking services (postback S2S) for completed campaigns, smart banner rotators, Content Lockers, Product Lockers, Offer Walls, Global Traffic Monetizer, Campaign API & Tracking API services, and a powerful tracking platform to monitor your success. All accounts are also matched with a personal Performance Manager that can help you determine which campaigns fit best with your promotion strategy.
Q6: Are there any restrictions on how I can promote CPA campaigns?
Yes, campaign restrictions vary according to the Advertiser, however, all campaigns follow a strict SPAM-free policy. Luxury Affiliate Network has a zero tolerance policy for phishing, spamming, misleading advertising, and other inappropriate promotion strategies. Please see our compliance policy for more details.
Q1: Are there any quality assurance programs in place?
Yes, we take quality control very seriously and employ a variety of methods to ensure that leads are valid and fraud-free. Advertisers can set custom terms and conditions for campaigns and restrict the campaign to select Publishers and countries. All clicks are also screened with our fraud forensics algorithm before being delivered to the Advertiser's landing page. This is based on the user's browser, IP, ISP, and other factors.
Q2: How can I get started as an Advertiser?
Please visit our advertiser signup page for more details.
Q1: How can I receive payments?
We deliver payments by 4 convenient methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Alipay or Western Union. You can change this option on your account settings.
Q2: What is the payout schedule?
Payments are delivered on a default daily. Please contact your Performance Manager for more information.
Q3: Where can I track my payments and past earnings?
Your account's payment manager page displays all past and pending earnings.